We believe that covenant is the lifeblood of a healthy society. For a healthy society, we need healthy families. For healthy families we need strong marriages based on godly principles. A God-idea, marriage mirrors the trinity. As God entered into covenant with Himself to draw mankind to Himself, so man and woman enter into covenant with each other and with God to ensure harmony and godly order.


The closer men and women draw individually to God, the closer they will be drawn to each other. God is a god of covenant. The Bible is a covenant book. God takes covenant very seriously, and so should we. This Jewelry Collection is inspired by God to help us to remember and honour the power of the promises we have made.

The Three Cord Ring
The Eternal Purpose Ring
Covenant Tablet Ring
Christ Thread Ring
Identity Ring
"Eight" Covenant Ring
Slider Dual Ring
Covenant Oath Square Ring
Covenant Oath Oval Ring