Covenant Oath Square Ring

Can God say of you as He could of Noah and Job, of David and of Asa, that your heart is perfect before the Lord your God?

If you’re not sure, don’t panic – that’s His job! As it is written: “The God of all grace shall Himself perfect you.”

He will do it all, if you are willing! To be perfect before God is not only the calling of a man like Abraham, but indeed the privilege of all His children. God asks and expects His children to be perfect and he makes it His own work to help get us there. What grace and power there is working in us to will and to do! Let this ring remind you to allow His grace and power to work within you in your personal pursuit of the perfection befitting the bride of Christ.

Senior Man

"Thou shall be perfect with the Lord thy God."

- Deut 18:13 -


SKU: CJ007

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