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Covenant Tablet Ring

God said that if we obey Him and keep His covenant, we are His treasures. The meaning of the Hebrew phrase peculiar treasure is “special jewel.”

But being one of God’s treasures is not always easy. God blesses us for following Him, but the world may not. The Bible gives many examples of how God’s people faced persecution when they obeyed His commandments, and Christians face similar trials and tribulations today. Noah was mocked as He prepared for the flood. Gideon went to war with only three hundred men. But God got all the glory for the victory in those times, and He still gets the glory when we choose to obey His instructions despite what others say about us.

May this ring be a constant reminder that you are His peculiar treasure. As God’s treasure, we exist to bring honor to His name. You are very special to God, and He is overjoyed that you have chosen to live for Him. Wear His ring with pride, and do not worry if the world doesn’t get it, or you. God’s got you!

Young Confident Woman

"'And Jehovah hath caused thee to promise today to become His people, a peculiar treasure, as He hath spoken to thee, and to keep all His commands."

- Deut 26:18 -


SKU: CJ009

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