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New breakthrough in precious metals

Not unlike the love that never fails, the unique material used in the Covenant Collection is SILNOVA®, the noble white precious metal that never loses its shine. Natural and authentic, this breakthrough material requires no electroplating or treatment to retain its lustre. Precious, thanks to a noble ingredient in its composition: palladium, SILNOVA® resists tarnish as much as gold. With its unique color – whiter than white gold, platinum or rhodium – SILNOVA® stands out as visibly different from any other silver in the market.


Using the SILNOVA ® silver means to free the jewel from any possible “cover”, ie by chemical treatments that are commonly used to protect it against tarnishing; however, in the unusual event that the product does tarnish simply return it to covenant jewelry for complete restoration. The metal is natural and authentic, from the heart to the surface.


White and very bright, clearly different from any other silver in the market, namely rhodium-plated or silver-plated sterling silver.


The beauty and brilliance of the objects created with the SILNOVA ® silver continue over time, 20 times longer than an untreated traditional silver (galvanic treatments based on precious metals or cataphoretic painting).


It guarantees freedom in manufacturing processes; in fact the adequate hardness obtained by heat-hardening treatment makes it resistant to wear.


Thanks to a noble ingredient in the composition: palladium. But SILNOVA ® is precious also because we wanted it to resist to tarnish as much as gold! All the tests carried out prove in fact a strength equal to that of a 375‰ white gold alloy. In the unusual event that the product is exposed to exceedingly harsh chemicals and evidences any sort of discoloration simply return it to covenant jewelry for full restoration at no charge


SILNOVA ® has no impact on the environment. It avoids the need for plating and frees silversmiths as well as the entire planet from the use of potassium cyanide (utilised for silver plating), otherwise necessary for making the product last.

Without any galvanic treatment, equal to a gold alloy, and 20 times longer than standard Sterling silver, SILNOVA ® keeps being bright over time. Eye-catcher thanks to its unique color, white and very shiny, it is visibly different from any other silver in the market.

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