If you look carefully, you will see that many of the pieces in the Covenant Collection come with a complimentary Covenant Diamond® embedded into the inside of the band. Intended as a deposited seed into the Relationship between the two of you, The Covenant Diamond® is a gift from Covenant Jewelry, enjoy your ring!

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From its inception in 2008, our manufacturing company, Diamond Corporation global has sown over 10,000 covenant diamond’s into jewelry. This covenant diamond symbolizes that sacred commitment which is sealed with our jewelry and now covenant jewelry’s products as well.


All our designs are made by a team of jewelry experts whohave been in the industry for many years and are absolute craftsmen. It is our intention to add a minimum of five new products per month and we are excited to see the new designs that our team will create.

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The fundamental basis of creating the collection is that it will maintain the values that our product range is built on and that is that every product must spell out the word “COVENANT” so as to reinforce our core message and that is that God is in covenant with each individual and that as a married couple we are in covenant with each other.



Every piece of jewelry is custom made but in order to manufacture any ring we need to know the ring size of the person and so you will see in the purchasing process there is a ring chart, it is easy to use and is based on a setting in the screen that allows you to test a credit card,for size, use a slider to get it perfect and then print the chart and compare your ring size so that you can insert the correct size when placing your order. This is a fun exercise which you will enjoy doing.

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Once you hit the purchase button your order goes through an exciting process, the design with the correct size is sent by means of a special file to the molding machine and it then molds your product to the exact specifications that you have chosen, it is then sent through to the final assembly line for insertion of the covenant diamond and packaging for shipment. From the time you place your order until the time it is delivered to you will be within 19 days.